Elephant Logo


I am the artist known as Black Ivory Art aka to family and friends as Frank W Howard IV.

As a Fort Worth native the rich history of the communities in which I lived in resonated the beauty of the African American communities of Tarrant County. My portraits of friends, family and celeberties have helped me to find a niche in the art community. And now I want to share my gift with you. My talent for drawing led me to graphic arts for tattoos and portraits. The response was over whelming . Now after years of searching where God has waited on me I have found peace and harmony with my portraits. I want to share Black Ivory Art a mixture of graphite, charcoal, pencil, pastels and map colors.  

 BlackIvoryArt has for the last several years participated in the Juried Art Show at The Lenora Rolla Heritage museum in Fort Worth, The Annual Taste of Holiday Art, and recently a piece about the legendary photograper Gordon Parks was displayed at the Shamblee Library in Fort Worth.   

A little bit about the logo The Elephant . Elephants are really King of the Jungle while  most think of Lions. The elephant represents strength, community but most of all family.  One side of logo is darker which  represents Black and the other side is lighter which represents Ivory  showing that both share in one goal the making of BlackIvoryArt!